Best Internet Monitoring Software for Parents

Best Internet monitoring software is PC TattletaleAs a parent you probably have kids that are on the computer all day long.  You are not alone.  Studies show that kids are all spending way too much time in front of their computers.  They call it “screen time” and kids are getting way too much of it.

Since they are on the computer all day long you probably want to know what they are doing?  Who they are talking to?  What kinds of videos they are watching and more.

The good news is there is software out there to help you do this.  It is called internet monitoring software.  It lets you as a parent see what your children are doing on the computer without them ever knowing.  Pretty cool hey?

The Best Internet Monitoring Software is PC Tattletale

Now that is pretty bold statement but I have checked out the other ones.  Honestly they either don’t work like the company claims or they are difficult to install.  Many of the other ones will get wiped out by computer’s secutiry software.

Only PC Tattletale internet monitoring software  is easy to install and use.  It gives you simple little recordings that you watch and see every click your child has done online.  Let’s take a look at just how easy PC Tattletale is to install.

Here is a YouTube video of how easy you can install PC Tattletale internet monitoring software.  You can watch it here:

As you can see PC Tattletale is extremely easy to install and use.  If you are not very technical.  But what if your kids is a computer whiz?  Won’t he find PC Tattletale and know you are able to watch what he is doing?  The guys over at PC Tattletale internet monitoring software already thought about this and made PC Tattletale extremely difficult to detect.

So your kids won’t even know it is on their computer.

If you want to see what your kids are doing online and who they are talking you don’t have too look any further than PC Tattletale.